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Decide what you stand for.
Lead with confidence.

Not Neutral is a leadership development business dedicated to helping growth leaders thrive.


We help them build the clarity and confidence they need to step up and succeed, partnering with them to:

  • Get clear what matters most to them.

  • Navigate critical challenges and big decisions.

  • Establish systems and habits to support their ongoing learning and growth.

Our Mission

As a leader in the business of innovation, creativity and growth you are constantly navigating uncertainty. 


Identifying the right problems to solve, creating solutions and unlocking new value all involve moving forwards in the face of myriad risks and unknowns. Leading that movement demands working through others and bringing people along on the journey. Teams have to be motivated and kept on task. Peers and partners have to be heard and collaborated with. Sponsors and investors have to be engaged, their trust earned and support secured. All this happening at once creates tremendous pressure on your inner reserves of self-belief, mental agility and resilience.


Too often just surviving feels like the best you can do.

Sometimes the next challenge is a stretch too far and you falter, fall off the pace or burn out.

There is another way. 

By investing in developing those inner reserves you can accelerate into that next challenge, confidently lead through uncertainty to deliver results and find personal fulfilment along the way. By deciding what you stand for - identifying the strengths, values and missions that energise, guide and inspire you - you can lead with confidence and thrive personally as you drive growth.


We help growth leaders find this way.

Our Clients

The growth leaders we support work in a wide range of different roles for a diverse mix of companies and organisations. They include Start-Up and Scale Up CFOs alongside corporate transformation and innovation operators and executives.


What unites them is a shared passion for driving growth, together with a recognition of their need for outside perspective and support in navigating the uncertainty and pressure that brings.

Our Services

We do this through:

1 to 1 Coaching

Supporting individual leaders as they take on new challenges and navigate the uncertainties of driving growth.

Mastermind Groups

Building communities of leaders facing common challenges, providing them a support network and source of inspiration and ideas.

Team Growth Sprints

Helping leadership teams connect as human beings, come together as true teams and channel their collective genius into performance.

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